The Athletic Pelvis

Are you are suffering with pelvic, hip or groin pain that is impacting your ability to perform at a desired level?

Many athletes come to me complaining of pain in the groin or hip having been informed that they have a groin or hamstring strain, or damaged their hip. With a further, more in-depth assessment looking at the lumbar spine, the pelvis and the pelvic floor muscles, it’s often that the hamstrings or the hip are not actually the source of the pain.

Sadly, the pelvic floor is often an area that is completely overlooked as many people are too embarrassed to bring up issues relating to genital pain, bladder and bowel health or sexual dysfunction.

End discomfort and incontinence with a personalised pelvic health assessment at Wright Approach.

The pelvic floor is an important area that should be assessed when an athlete has pelvic pain, low back pain, high hamstring strains, adductor strains or with urinary stress incontinence.

Tension in the pelvic floor muscles can cause compression and pain, whereas weakness or underuse of the pelvic muscles can lead to pain and / or incontinence.

The Athletic Pelvis


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