Pelvic Health

Adore Your Pelvic Floor Programme

Together we can treat Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

With combination of Sandra’s intervention to help pelvic floor dysfunction and the resources available on the Adore Your Pelvic Floor Programme.

Every woman should have an understanding and awareness of their anatomy, their pelvic organs and pelvic floor.

The programme is designed to help raise awareness , manage and restore pelvic health and help prevent future issues.

  • Runs for 12 weeks online (with the option of see the physiotherapist face to face)
  • Seven of these sessions are with your Adore Your pelvic Floor Coach/Physiotherapist
  • Provides: Adore Your Pelvic Floor Hub with a comprehensive library of videos, written content and advice from specialist pelvic health physiotherapists
  • Provides: Adore Your Pelvic Floor Support Group

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