Acupuncture to aid multiple musculoskeletal problems, pregnancy symptoms and women’s health issues

I studied Western Acupuncture principle with AACP (Association of Acupuncture Chartered Physiotherapists) and completed further specialised training to treat Women’s Health conditions.

Acupuncture has been practised for thousands of years and is used to prevent treat and cure many injuries and illnesses. It is a form of traditional Chinese medicine and according to original principles vital energy flows around the body through channels with specific strength and force.

The terms for these are ‘Qi’ pronounced chee for the vital energy and the channels are called ‘meridians’.

it is believed a blockage in the meridian will disrupt the flow of Qi, resulting in pain, discomfort and illness. Acupuncture needles are therefore inserted into specific channels (points) to ‘unblock’ the meridians and promote the natural flow of ‘Qi’ which in turn balances the bodies Yin & Yang.

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